For The Protection of Zion Trust



“For the protection of Zion I speak up” were the words that awoke me out of my sleep at 4:00 am on the morning of 18th February 2014. Twelve hours later events would unfold that would confirm to me that the words were divinely inspired. I believe I had received a Call from the Most High God to begin standing up publicly for the right of the Jewish people to live on their historical, biblical and indigenous homeland in Israel. 

Yes! FOR THE PROTECTION OF ZION Trust is a faith initiated trust set up to help administer our public campaign of advocating for Israel’s right to her land. This campaign ranges from public demonstrations in support of Israel; full page article/advertisements in major NZ newspapers; lobbying Government through petitions and correspondence; and letters to the editor to reach the general public with our message.

I am the senior pastor of the Flaxmere Christian Fellowship Church in Hastings, New Zealand. I have been serving full time in the church since 1984. Our Church can be summed up as: Pentecostal, Word of Faith, and Pro-Israel. The Church seeks to reach out to all people with the message of God’s great love for all mankind, but in particular has a unique call to stand for the just cause of the people of Israel—who are God’s covenant people from the Old Testament.

Standing up for Israel is not always the most popular thing to do in New Zealand, but I have discovered that whereas our campaigns attract feedback from both sides of the divide, nevertheless the positive feedback always outweighs the negative feedback.  This goes to show me that despite the bias against Israel we often see in both media and politics, New Zealanders generally are pro-Israel because they see that Israel’s cause is a just cause. 

As long as our God provides us the means then we shall continue to advocate for Israel in these ways.

Pastor Nigel Woodley

Senior Pastor of the