2015 Petition – NZ Govt: Stop Pressuring Israel


We have published one petition to Parliament so far. It was in response to Foreign Minister Murray McCully’s two year tenure on the UN Security Council. At the beginning of 2015 Mr McCully had indicated that he would try and sort out the Israeli/Palestinian conflict during this tenure—an idea that was very ambitious and just as arrogant. I knew at the beginning that this spelled pressure for the Jewish State to give up what is historically their Land. A friend from Israel contacted me in June as I was travelling from Auckland back down to Hawkes Bay after a conference. He told me that our Foreign Minister had just been in Jerusalem putting pressure upon Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to give up East Jerusalem (which is actually biblical and historical Jerusalem) in order to come to an agreement with the Palestinians. It was this news that provoked the petition.

The petition urged the New Zealand Government to cease from pressuring the State of Israel to give up its rightful and God-given Land and support Israel’s right to have sovereignty over the entire Land of Israel, including Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and all of Jerusalem.

11,686 people signed the petition—a significant number when you understand it was done the old-fashioned way—by inscribed signatures, and we were limited by both time (we collected those signatures in little over two months) and resources. Financial resources were given by the Flaxmere Christian Fellowship to promote and send out the petition to mainly Christian Ministers and Churches. If we had unlimited resources our petition would have received many more signatures.

The Petition’s presentation before Parliament can be viewed below, and the subsequent Submission and correspondence to and from the Select Committee for Foreign Affairs can be downloaded below also.

Presentation of Petition before NZ Parliament 21 Oct. 2015

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