2021 Petition – NZ Embassy in Israel

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Israel, in good faith, has had an Embassy in our country now for many years and it is time for New Zealand to reciprocate the goodwill. At a time when the misguided are shouting “Free Palestine” and “Close the Israeli Embassy in Wellington”, we can be involved in pushing that dangerous and negative rhetoric and narrative to the back by calling for the proper diplomatic representation of New Zealand within Israel itself.

Jerusalem* has been deliberately kept out of the petition. It would have been attempting a bridge too far. I did get professional advice on this. I do agree that Jerusalem is the undisputed capital of the State of Israel, but to have asked for an embassy in Jerusalem at this stage would have been premature. It will be best to leave the placement of such an embassy to the diplomats on both sides to negotiate at the right time.

However, we have a big enough challenge before us convincing our Ministry of Foreign Affairs to establish an embassy anywhere in Israel.  Israel is the most democratic state (most akin to our values) in the Middle East.

Added to the above, I will say this on behalf of people of Faith like me:

We have no doubt that this venture is pleasing to God. I believe that if we as a nation were to establish a proper Embassy in Israel, then the God of Israel who is the God of the Holy Bible we believe in, would show favor to our nation in response. Part of that favor would probably look like innovation, technology and trade.

Please help me to throw this out as far and wide as it will reach. Send it to your family, friends, email groups etc. Post the petition link up to face-book and other social media platforms.



Thanks & Cheers!
Nigel Woodley

*Short teaching on Jerusalem by Dr. Derek Prince:


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2 Responses

  1. It would be a blessing to have a New Zealand embassy established in Israel. I support Israel and trust God’s blessings upon those that follow.

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