IN SIXTY SECONDS: Answers To Difficult Questions:

In Sixty Seconds
What is Christian Zionism?
How do you petition Government?
Christian Zionism & Biblical Zionism
What about the Palestinian Arabs?
Do Christians believe the Bible about Israel?
Can Christians be anti-Semitic?
Why do some Christians not get it?
What did Derek Prince say about Israel?
Why did God allow Israel statehood again?
What is the controversy of Zion in Isaiah 34:8?
Where should a NZ embassy in Israel be?
Is NZ Foreign Policy truly balanced and fair?
Is NZ serious in its relationship with Israel?
Should we influence politicians about Israel?
Why Public Advocacy for Israel?
Who should have sovereignty of the Land? Pt 1
Who should have sovereignty of the Land? Pt 2
What do the disputed territories really mean?
Should Israel have sovereignty over West Bank?
Are the United Nations treating Israel fairly?

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