HALF PAGE: “Do not be Fooled by the International Criminal Court’s Probe into Alleged War Crimes by Israel in the Disputed Territories” – NZ Herald & Hawkes Bay Today


We carried this article twice in both the NZ Herald and the Hawkes Bay Today as a half page (February 24, 27, 28) to counter the bias of the International Criminal Court’s decision to investigate alleged war crimes by Israel. It is interesting that the day the ICC set for the beginning of its probe was 13 June 2014. It was on the 12 June 2014 that three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped on the West Bank and murdered. This incident and rocket attacks from Gaza caused the spiraling of events that led to Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s necessary response to unwarranted aggression from the Islamist jihadists. The article speaks for itself and hopefully brings some balance to the prejudice against the Jewish State.

NZ Herald, Hawkes Bay Today – 24,27,28 February 2021

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