Hastings – Four Months – 7 Feb. 2024


180 people came out to show solidarity and support in another stand for Israel. We marked four months since the Hamas invasion of southern Israel on October 7. In a rally represented by three different churches in Hastings we gathered to pray and stand with Israel.

  • We prayed for the release of the hostages still in captivity – some 136.
  • We prayed for Israel’s victory in this War. The only other alternative is a Hamas victory which means a jihadist regime in Gaza threatening the same pogrom-like attack on Israel again and again.
  • We prayed for a genuine peace between Israel and the Palestinians – not one imposed on Israel by bullying nations who have not had to endure what the Israelis have constantly endured from the terrorist regime in Gaza.
  • We prayed for the innocents effected by this war, both Israeli and Palestinian, that relief from their suffering will come and that an enduring resolution to the conflict will be agreed upon.  

The Rally was supported by three local churches.



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