Hastings Stand with Israel and the Hostages – 29 Oct. 2023

Israel has the Right to defend itself

In coordination with other Pro-Israel rallies throughout New Zealand we stood in solidarity with Israel for its right to self-defense which includes defeating the Hamas regime in Gaza. A theme for the rallies was freeing the hostages whose number has climbed to 240. It was important that we came out into the public square at the most iconic site in Hastings – the Town Clock plaza. With a crowd up to 250 people we took our stand, condemning the anti-Semitic rallies which took place the day before, and declaring the facts and the truth around the conflict. The rest of the report is in media:

Highlights from our rally in Hastings – 29 October 2023

In Photos:

Rallies for Israel took place throughout New Zealand in:

1. Hastings
2. Auckland
3. Wellington
4. Christchurch
5. Dunedin
6. Invercargill

For those who think Israel is over reacting watch this:

Please note the scenes here are graphic depicting the brutality of Hamas

Here is the chilling conversation of a boastful terrorist:

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