Hastings Town Centre—Public Celebration of Israel’s 70th Anniversary—14 May 2018

3. Part of crowd--300 altogether

We felt it was important to acknowledge and celebrate publicly the 70th anniversary of the birth of the Modern State of Israel. The birth of the State of Israel on 14 May 1948 was a miracle. Israel surviving and thriving through 70 years so far against regional enemy states, organized terrorism and the warfare known as lawfare, often seen at the United Nations in strongly anti-Semitic policies and resolutions, means that her survival is also a miracle. The last 100 years has seen the most oppressive attacks of humankind against the people of Israel that the world has ever known, and yet Israel lives – this is truly a miracle.

One of the words in Hebrew that can mean a flag, emblem, ensign etc. is the word nes. Amazingly enough the same Hebrew word also means miracle. I think that is quite appropriate. Three years after Hitler’s fires of extermination against the Jewish People were extinguished the miracle of the flag of Israel was raised among the nations. Today that flag flies prouder than ever as she has withstood the greatest of national threats to be leading the world in so many areas of innovation and development. It’s all one big miracle (I believe in the God of miracles). This gave us good reason to celebrate publicly in the centre and heart of Hastings City on Sunday 13 May–one day ahead of the anniversary. Our Israel supporting friends in Auckland were also joining us up there and having a public rally of celebration.

Hastings City Centre 13 May 2018

Hastings handout – printable:

70 commemorative balloons being released in honor of seventy years of independence.

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  1. Fantastic stuff! God bless Flaxmere Christian Fellowship we support of Israel. God promises His blessing of prosperity on those who support His people. I bless you all accordingly, in His name. 🙂

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