Hecklers in Hastings – Sunday 26.5.24

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For the eighth time since the 7 October attack on Israel we stood in solidarity with the Jewish People and their nation state. The video and pictorial record are important historical accounts which testify of the support that Israel has in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. This rally focused particularly on the propaganda coming out from the enemies of Israel and poisoning the minds of naive people. You can see this with one heckler producing a placard declaring – “This Church supports genocide“. Nothing could be further from the truth! As Christians we want to love all people, including the Palestinians, but we have no time for the genocidal jihadist terrorists who seek the destruction of Israel. Here is the video and pictorial account:


Hastings Rally Stand for Israel – 26 May 2024 at the Hastings Town Clock. We are grateful to Roselyn Te Nahu who provided the video footage

Photo Gallery by Nema Te Nahu

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  1. All impressive stand for Israel and the truth. The speakers sounded the unity of the gathering and all pro Israelites. The call to counter the propaganda through alleged genocide, occupation and famine was powerful and exponential in its intent. It was a wonderful and assuring message that expresses a global concern. Thanks to all who participated. Shalom Israel !

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