Israel Solidarity Rallies – 23 May 2021

Hastings 12

Israel has the right to defend itself against the unjustified rocket attacks from Gaza. In 11 days of fighting, which broke out on Monday 10 May 2021 with an unprovoked attack by Hamas toward the State of Israel, nearly 4,400 rockets were indiscriminately fired from the terrorist organizations in Gaza. Israel has the right to respond to the attacks as part of its defense. We stood alongside the State of Israel and declared our full support for the Jewish State. Nothing justifies what the terrorists in Gaza and their advocates in the West Bank are doing to the democratic State of Israel!

Simultaneous rallies were held in Hastings, Wellington and Auckland at 3:00 PM in the afternoon. Despite the bitter cold in all centers, reasonable crowds turned out in support of the Jewish State. Here is the report:


In Hastings as 3:00 PM approached we counted 200 people. A little while later that number had increased to 250, and then we lost count:

250+ people turned out to our rally in Hastings

It was unfortunate that media did not come to Hastings to report on the support for Israel in Hawkes Bay, however we were thrilled that TV1 did a good report on Auckland’s rally making mention also of our other two rallies. Ashley Church, our special guest and a resident of Hawkes Bay, did a great job explaining clear details and facts that are often left out of the narrative. He is a director on the Israel Institute of NZ. I am grateful he was able to come and contribute so tremendously to our rally. Here is a snippet:

Ashley communicates well as an advocate for Israel – 35 sec

The main message conveyed:

  • The terrorist entity Hamas were the aggressors in the conflict. Their attack upon Israel was unprovoked.
  • Israel were the defenders and have the right to defend themselves.
  • Civilian casualties from both sides must be blamed on Hamas who instigated the war.
  • We prayed for the innocent casualties on both sides.
  • Israeli Ambassador Ran Yaakoby’s message to the Rally was conveyed. It can be perused here…
ISRAELI AMBASSADOR – His Excellency Ran Yaakoby’s address to the rally – 4:35 min

Opening Statements of the Rally:

Opening statements in Hastings4:43 min

Special Guest Ashley Church:

Ashley Church – 6:05 min

Nigel Woodley:

Pastor Nigel Woodley – 7:36 min

Some of the facts about the War which were discussed:

  • 4,400 rockets were fired at Israel over an 11 day period, a nation which is just twice the size of Hawkes Bay.
  • Some of those rockets fell upon Palestinians living in Gaza causing death and injury to the Palestinians themselves.
  • Over 100 miles of terror tunnels in Gaza led to the collapse of residential apartments which had been exposed to the firing line by Hamas who constructed their tunnels directly beneath innocent civilian populations.
  • Hamas fired from civilian population centres in Gaza, into civilian population centres in Israel. In doing this it committed a double war crime.

We were bold in proclaiming WE STAND WITH ISRAEL!


In Auckland up to 500 supporters turned out in the bitter cold to create a warm festive atmosphere:

Up to 500 people gathered in Aotea Square to Stand with Israel

For the report on Auckland go here:


In Wellington about 100 attended the rally in the Cuba Mall:

The Christian Debt to ISRAEL!

Dr. Derek Prince, one of the greatest and most widely accepted Bible Scholars of the twentieth century among Christians, wrote a short article on why Christians need to support Israel. It can be accessed here as a PDF:

For more good resources by Derek Prince go to:

Derek Prince Ministries Australia

Derek Prince Ministries New Zealand

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  1. We stand 100% against the external threat that Hamas presents to Israel. However, what is even more concerning, is the internal threat due to the impact that Hamas is making on the Arab 20% of Israel’s population. Israeli friends report that young Palestinian arabs were posting pictures on TikTok of themselves harassing Jews in the street. By funding and encouraging internal subversion, Hamas presents an even greater existential threat to the future unity and peace of Israel.

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