Confrontation at the Town Clock – 7.4.24

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On Sunday afternoon a confrontation took place between pro-Israel supporters and those standing for the Palestinians. A clash occurred when the Palestinian rally failed to finish on time and kept the Israel supporters waiting despite us having a Council license to meet. It would be fair to say that a real ding-dong took place at the Town Clock. Our Israel supporters were patient, respectful and kept a non-hostile composure, but when the changeover of meetings finally began to take place the Palestinian supporters began to descend into verbal abuse and threats. Very quickly at least a dozen police officers were present to keep the two sides apart and eventually our rally was able to get under way as the other crowd dispersed. Following is the video summary and pictorial summary of the event. You will also find a brief report from the Gisborne vigil which took place the day before.

Video Summary of Rally

Video footage thankfully provided by Roselyn Te Nahu and Pastor Michael Ngahuka.

Photo Gallery by Nema Te Nahu

Gisborne Vigil – Saturday 6 April 2024

Pastor Guthrie Boyd from Gisborne led a vigil for Israel. Here is his report:

We had approximately 25 people come and stand with us at the Endeavour Park Corner. It’s probably the busiest intersection in Gisborne.

We had one very verbal man who walked along the line screaming very close to our faces as our team stood silently with lowered heads praying. We did Not engage with him. I would think that 95-98% of the traffic that engaged with their car horns was positive. Lots of tooting and thumbs up from drivers.


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  1. I HAVE SAID IT ALL IN A PRIVATE EMAIL TO OUR LEADER, NIGEL/JOANNE. But to reflect on a more challenging rally so far, it was the composure from our team supporters that stood out, quiet magnificently. The confrontation quickly dissolved into ‘thin-air’ as our silence ( a part from the shattering sound of the shofar –hope I didn’t overdo it?) made a poignant witness to the respect given. The whole team of contributers are to be thanked for lifting our cheers and positive acclamations for our cause. A nice touch was extended to the police presence. Shalom and blessings to all!

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