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The following was written when news surfaced in Wellington media in May 2023 that a motion had been tabled with the Wellington City Council for it to officially give recognition to Palestinian statehood. The motion is due to be debated by the WCC councilors on 29 June. Added to this were concerns being voiced from reliable sources that the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nanaia Mahuta, was considering officially giving recognition to “Palestine”. Personal emails to every Wellington City Councilor as well as to every member in Parliament were submitted in the hope of turning this around. Two full page advertorials have now been approved by Stuff to be published in Wellington City’s The Post on Friday 23 June and Saturday 24 June. Here is the text of that article with corroborating hyperlinks to references substantiating my claims:


Recognition of Palestinian statehood at this time would be a major blunder and would play into the hands of terrorist leaders in Hamas and corrupt leaders in the Palestinian Authority. In the opinion of this writer, they are not ready for statehood and some of the reasons are stated below:

New Zealand acknowledgement of such statehood under these circumstances would be an affirmation of all the above and would make us culpable for what follows. Recognition under these circumstances plays into the hands of the terrorist leaders who will be emboldened by our support. It is the opinion of this writer that such recognition will not bring about a peaceful resolution but will perpetuate the conflict. This article mainly deals with security concerns as to why there should be changes before recognition is given, yet much more could also be said about changes and advances that would need to take place administratively, economically, and politically.

This writer believes that the Palestinians should be persuaded to go back to the negotiating table to make peace with the Israelis who are waiting, rather than be rewarded with recognition for their terrorism and intransigence. It is apparent to some that the Palestinians are deliberately bypassing direct talks with the Israelis, something they had agreed to do. It seems they are trying to find a way around their commitment by involving nations who do not appear to appreciate what is at stake.

New Zealand should refuse recognition of Palestinian statehood until the following conditions are met:

  • The Palestinians should negotiate with their “peace-partner” Israel and come to an agreed settlement.
  • They should renounce terrorism against the Jewish State.
  • They should acknowledge legitimate Jewish claims to the same land and negotiate – that is why there is a dispute which needs to be solved through dialogue.
  • They should hold democratic elections both within the Palestinian Authority and Gaza Strip before any recognition is given. There have been no democratic elections in the Palestinian Authority for many years, something which is strictly in their power to perform.

At least three times in modern history the Palestinians have been offered statehood with generous concessions of land with the blessing of the Israelis – 1947, 2000, 2008 – but each time they have turned down the opportunity, and this has perpetuated the conflict.

The message should be conveyed to the Palestinians that they must work it out with the Israelis first.

It would be hypocritical of New Zealand to try and impose on Israel a pre-determined resolution by officially recognizing Palestine, while New Zealand has enough of its own unresolved internal issues to deal with.

Pastor Nigel Woodley Ph.D.



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