Violence Against Israel April 2023

A woman shall surround a man


Press Statement from different groups standing with Israel:

We are appalled at the terrorist aggression against Israel during this past holy week. We condemn the violence and rocket attacks fired from Gaza and Southern Lebanon into Northern and Southern Israel.  We also condemn the terror attacks against Israelis which have resulted in the loss of innocent lives. We call on the New Zealand Government to issue a clear condemnation of the same.

The terrorists and extremists always use Ramadan as an excuse to incite their hatred and murderous intents against Israelis who are celebrating their Passover. We call for Palestinian leaders to stop inciting their people to violence and instead to lead their people to co-existence and peace with Israel.

Groups supporting this statement:

  • For the Protection of Zion Trust
  • Zionist Federation of New Zealand
  • Israel Institute of New Zealand
  • Indigenous Coalition for Israel
  • Christians for Israel, NZ
  • Jeremy Smith, Wellington
  • International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (NZ)
  • NZ Friends of Israel Association
  • Flaxmere Christian Fellowship Church, Hastings

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