Well Done Simon Court & Laura Trask – ACT

Simon Adresses our Rally

Act member of Parliament Simon Court addressed a crowd of some 700 Pro-Israel supporters who rallied on Parliament grounds on Thursday 7 December 2023. The rally wanted to convey a clear message to Parliament that the sitting government should not call for a premature ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war until all hostages were released and until the internationally recognized terror group Hamas no longer ruled the Strip. Both Apostle Brian Tamaki and myself tried hard to get representation of Government at the rally, as they represent us the people, but it was challenging. We were very grateful that Simon Court had the courage to come out and stand with us as we stood with Israel in her darkest hour since the Holocaust. With Simon was another member of the Act Party – Laura Trask.

Act MPs Simon Court and Laura Trask stand courageously for Israel with us on 7 Dec. 2023

Watch Simon’s Address inside Parliament – 7 Dec.2023

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